Home-grown products

Limeleaf Kitchen has its own organic farm in the hills north of Chiang Mai. Here we grow most of the vegetables and fruits used in our restaurant.

Hand-roasted organic coffee

Limeleaf Kitchen grows its own coffee and the beans are then roasted over an open fire. The taste is unique, something you never tasted before.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

We source our meat and poultry in Thailand. Our suppliers are chosen based on the quality of product and high standard of animal welfare.

More samples from our menu

Sunday Roast

Topside of Beef, Pork of Loin or Baby Chicken, Gravies, Sauces, Yorkshire Pudding and (mostly) Organic Vegetables. Every Sunday.

Weekend Slow Smoked BBQ

Pork ribs Korean or American style, Duck and Chicken. All ethically raised. Combined with a mostly homegrown salad buffet with lots of choice. Every weekend.

Sweet or Savory Crêpes

Our crêpes are thin and slightly crispy. Freshly made with sweet banana’s and a homemade chocolate sauce. Or with smoked ham, asparagus and mozzarella.

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Chris uses a lot of vegetables and fruits grown on their own organic farm, located north of Chiang Mai, in the hills near Khun Chae National Park, 1100 metres above sea level, surrounded by pristine jungle forest. Here they also grow their own coffee which is served in the restaurant. The beans are hand-roasted over an open fire. Additional vegetables are bought from neighbouring farmers

Locally sourced

The meats Chris serves in the restaurant are all locally sourced. The pork ribs from Sloanes or Sirin Farm in Chiang Rai, the duck and chicken from Klong Phai farm or Sirin Farm.

Solid clean ingredients are the base for Chris’s cooking. He also applies this to his home-made vinegars, mead from wild honey, pickles or fermented vegetables. Some to be found in the main kitchen, but mostly ageing in his ‘Laboratory’. Ask him to show it to you.