If you are planning an event and are considering catering, just get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss and propose an approach. We can cater to events from 6 to 50 people (depending upon your requirements). Tailor-made to your wishes.
Use the message button, email us, call us or use the contact form to get in touch.

Some examples of our catering, to give you an idea:

  • We can prepare food for you and your family or guests. You yourself will take care of heating up the food and the serving. This can be salads, barbecued food or sunday roasts, cakes or tarts, or other requests, all based on your preferences. 
  • A full-service catering, we provide the food based on your preferences and take care of everything else food-related. Almost like eating out in your own home

Whatever kind of event you are planning, contact us and we can discuss it. We can make it specific to your wishes.