Limeleaf Kitchen grows its own coffee on our organic farm north of Chiang Mai. The beans are hand-roasted over an open fire.

Local Produce

We cook and bake as much as possible with locally produced organic ingredients for all of our dishes and baked goods.


We source our meat and poultry as much as possible in Thailand and try to avoid import. Our suppliers are chosen based on the quality of product and animal husbandry. Both are very important to us.

Limeleaf Kitchen Garden Restaurant

Limeleaf Kitchen is a Cooking Studio and Restaurant located in a relaxing and quiet area south of Chiang Mai. At Limeleaf Kitchen Chef Chris Richards-Jones runs a restaurant and teaches Cooking Workshops. He trained in England and France, and worked on private yachts.

Limeleaf Kitchen provides Cooking Workshops 4 days a week from Tuesday to Friday. We have Breakfast and Lunch, Cakes and Coffee from Tuesday to Saturday. On Sunday the restaurant serves a Sunday Roast and smoked BBQ with a salad buffet.

We source our vegetables and fruits from our own farm and resort Limeleaf eco-lodge, from neighbouring farms and from ethical growers, organic or at least pesticide free wherever possible.

Limeleaf Kitchen is owned and run by British-born Chef Chris Richards-Jones. He has trained in England and France, and worked freelance on private yachts. He cooked for British royalty, V.I.P’s and aristocracy, and gained a vast experience of world cuisines. He stands for quality and honest food from local, organic and sustainable ingredients.

Limeleaf Kitchen Chef Chris Richards-Jones

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Samples from our menu

Bakewell Tart

A well known treat in the UK, this beautiful tart combines the tastes of almonds and raspberry jam.

Sunday Roast

Every week Sunday Roast: Beef, Organic Chicken, Vegetarian or Fish. All come with homemade gravies and sauces, Yorkshire Pudding, roasted duck-fat potatoes and vegetables

Salad Buffet

An extensive seasonal salad buffet every Sunday, something to be found for everyone.

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